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Wes Statz, Statz Brothers Inc. is the Speaker on 1/9/2018


Statz Bros., Inc. was founded in 1966 when two brothers, Donald and Richard Statz, bought the farm their family had been living on. This farm is now known as our Home farm facility.  However, in the beginning they raised more hogs than cattle! The business was incorporated in 1971, and today Statz Bros., Inc. is owned and operated by the second generation (Donald's son Joe, and Richard's sons Troy and Wesley). 

Statz Bros., Inc. eventually decided to stop hog farming and focused more on the dairy industry. In 1970, a parlor was installed at the Home Farm and within the next few years they had a 300 dairy cow herd. In 1992, a new dairy center and 3 new free stall barns were built and the herd grew again. 

In 2005, Statz Bros., Inc. purchased what is now known as our B farm facility. Expansion at this facility began in 2012 by adding 3 new free stall barns, a Westfalia Surge double 50 parallel milking parlor, a fully enclosed feed commodity center, and a second anaerobic digester (the first is located at our Home farm facility) within the following years.

The free stall barns were built with cow comfort in mind and is equipped with over head fans, curtains, roof vents, and a sprinkler system to keep the cows cool on those hot summer days! The stalls are bedded with separated solids, produced on farm with the anaerobic digester and solid/liquid separation process.

After the separation process, the liquid manure is stored in concrete pits until it is taken to the fields for fertilizer. Another byproduct of the digester is methane, which is used to generate electricity.

The cows are fed a formulated ration that is mixed in the feed commodity center. The ration ingredients are protected inside this building from all weather conditions, and are mixed in one of the two Kuhn Knight stationery mixers located within the feed center. 

On average we have about 500 calves born a month. The heifers are custom raised from age 10 to 22 months before coming back to the farm to calve and enter our milking herd.

Our herd is primarily Holstein. We are milking around 4300 cows three times a day, between the Home farm and B farm facilities. Our milk gets shipped to Dean Foods to be used as drinking milk that you can find in your grocery store!

We also manage approximately 6,600 acres of cropland under our Nutrient Management Plan, growing crops such as, corn, alfalfa, wheat, and soybeans.

Statz Bros., Inc. employs 120 employees and we also participate in the International Farmers Aid Association. This is a training program for young farmers, and trainees have come to us from various countries such as Brazil, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Mali, Argentina, Mexico, Japan, and South Africa.

In August of 2015, Statz Bros., Inc. hosted the Wisconsin Farm Technology Days show. The 3 day event brought in attendees near and far to learn about the farming industry and the technology advances within the industry.

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January 9th, 2018

Membership Meeting

Where: Tully's II in Monona

When: 6:00 Cocktails, 7: 00 Dinner Speaker: Wes Statz, Statz Brothers Inc.

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